Sandy Sokoloff was educated in the New York City public school system and attended Queens College, CUNY on a Regents Scholarship before enrolling at Boston University School of Fine and Applied Arts in 1962. He received a BFA in 1966 and MFA in Painting, 1969. He then taught at Wellesley College (1969-76); Boston University (1977-78); Art Institute of Boston (1979-80). He had exhibitions beginning in 1973 and culminating in 1993 when he reached a spiritual and artistic impasse. He withdrew from the art world. Returning to the studio in 2013 after a twenty-year hiatus, he deepened his investigation into the spiritual nature of art. By 2019 he had produced a body of work which extrapolates the imagery of ancient Judaic mysticism and mounted a one-man exhibition ‘Emanation’ at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center. A year later (2020) his work was included in ‘Transcendence’ at Burlington City Arts along with artists Anila Quayyum Agha, Shahzia Sikander, and Zarina.


Painting is a spiritual act and you need not have a religious affiliation or even a belief in God to pursue it.

I am a naturalist painter, trained in Renaissance figure painting and weaned on Post Impressionism. Form and Light are discovered by looking within. Paintings which convincingly allude to three-dimensional space and a fully balanced schema of color and light – this is my naturalism. I still work from nature, albeit an interior ‘Supernature’. In the privacy of the studio soul searching and laborious process bring resolution; a work is finished when I recognize it and can say aloud; "I know this painting, I've seen it before".

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